Total Transactions


Block Height


Network Nodes


Node Distribution
Yuanben Blockchain nodes are deployed in five continents. The deployment locations include places such as Shanghai, Singapore, Frankfurt, and Virginia. The cross-regional distribution of nodes allows the certification of original works recorded on the chain to have strong credibility and an inability to be modified.
Yuanben Blockchain is a consortium chain for authentic data. Through the deployment of a global network of nodes, Yuanben Blockchain is a highly scalable, flexible and easily expandable chain overseen by a body of trusted organisations. The use of smart contract and digital encryption algorithms enables the sustainability of data on the chain and the security of data transmission. In terms of performance, the unique 'Yuanben DNA' interlocking mechanism ensures 100% data on the chain cannot be tampered with. The optimized consensus algorithm and layer 2 design has increased the block writing speed to milliseconds.
A Blockchain coalition for superior performance
Yuanben Blockchain has been designed for extremely high throughput from the first day.
Anchoring to Bitcoin and Ethereum
By anchoring to Ethereum and Bitcoin, Yuanben Blockchain provides PoW level of trust without the loss of transaction performance.
Yuanben DNA and Blockchain interlocking
DNA generated through Yuanben cannot be changed, making the data on the Blockchain unalterable.
Organizations participating in the deployment of nodes
Large-scale original image supply platforms such as Huaban and Fotor, several media agencies such asBeijing Business Today and other Chinese government agencies have participated in the deployment of nodes which has highly enhanced the credibility of the Yuanben Blockchain. This has also verified and increased bearing capacity and scalability.
A next-generation platform for big data analysis
Revolutionize the relationship between supply and demand for big data.
Data ownership and use rights are completely separated, the same data can be purchased and used multiple times.
Data analysis no longer requires raw data.
The network only transmits calculation results. Original data never leaves the owner's system. Zero-knowledge proof ensures that the calculation result is correct.
Next-generation internet use without compromising on privacy
Individuals' private data is never uploaded to the Internet, analysis results are only avilable upon request.
Get the most complete data resources through the coalition chain
Each enterprise in the industry coalition is part of the big data algorithm providing data and participating in the operation.
Revolutionary Lightning DNA guarantees withstanding high-volume loads
High-speed DNA Generation
Supports off-chain DNA creation, decoupling DNA generation and block confirmation
Off-chain DNA inquiry
Off-chain DNA channel, distributed off-chain index, inquiry requests do not need frequent interaction with the chain.
High scalability
Derived from the design concept of the Lightning Network and Plasma, Yuanben DNA creates blocks with high speed and greatly reduces the load on-chain load to support millions of transactions per second.
DTCP decentralized trusted content protocol
Yuanben’s goal is to use Blockchain technology to restructure content distribution on the Internet and use the open source DTCP protocol to generate unique “Yuanben DNA” for digital content, to allow high-quality original content to reach more people and reward the original creators.